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Increasing Public Debt: Why Do We Care?
This presentation in German 'Steigende Staatsverschuldungen, Auf was müssen wir uns einstellen?' is about the potential dangers and gains, linked to the increasing international debt, for a small open economy, well integrated in the world economy, as Switzerland
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Presented at the SwissACT Seminar Zurich, Fall 2010

Budget and Fiscal Policy in a Federal State
This course in French 'Politique budgétaire et politique fiscale dans un contexte fédéraliste: interaction avec la politique monétaire' is about Swiss monetary policy and its coordination with fiscal policy in Switzerland at both the federal and cantonal levels
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Presented at the IDHEAP University of Lausanne, 2010

Financial Macroeconomics in Open Economies: Balance of Payments, Interest Rate, and Exchange Rate
This course in French 'Macroéconomie financière en économie ouverte: balance des paiements, taux d'intérêt et taux de change' focuses on the short-term and long-term exchange rate determination using arbitrage parities as the uncovered interest rate parity (UIP) and the purchasing power parity (PPP)
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Presented during the course 'Formation continue en gestion de portefeuilles' University of Geneva, 2009

Effects of the Euro Zone Expansion
Seen from a monetary policy perspective, analysis of the economic consequences of the euro zone expansion with former East European countries
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Presented at the Emerge workshop University of St. Gallen, 2007

Potential Growth in Switzerland for the Next Two Decades
This brief talk in German 'Wachstumspotenzial der Schweizer Wirtschaft, Einschätzung für den Zeitraum bis 2020' focuses on the long-run macroeconomic forecasts of the Swiss economy. Therefore, it analyzes in particular the impact of aging in Switzerland on its potential growth
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Presented at the BAK Basel Forecasting seminar, 2007

Monetary Policy Strategy of the Swiss National Bank
This speech in German 'Geldpolitische Strategie der Schweizerischen Nationalbank' explains the main elements of the monetary policy strategy of the Swiss National Bank
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Presented at the Kiwanis Limmat Zurich, Fall 2007

Causes and Consequences of Demographic Aging in Switzerland
This speech in German 'Ursachen und Folgen der demographischen Alterung in der Schweiz' presents a tour d'horizon about the causes and the consequences of aging, and the necessary measures to tackle the problems faced by aging economies
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Presented at the Kiwanis Oerlikon Zurich, Spring 2007

Conference for Central Banks About Macroeconomic Models
Interview about an academic conference taking place in Zurich, which I organized with the Swiss National Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and the Bank of Canada.
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Published in note, SNB's in-house journal, December 2005, in French and German

Our Society Today and Tomorrow: Aging Challenge
This debate with Ueli Mäder, Hochschule beider Basel, concerns a few implications of the aging problem for our society. Moderators, Daniel Funk and Monika Baumgartner, UBS
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Published in UBS Investment, 15-17, December 01/January 02. In French, A la recherche de solutions novatrices
Published in UBS Investment, 15-17, December 01/January 02. In German, Innovative Lösungen gesucht

Securing Our future: Demography and Pension Funds in Switzerland
This speech concerns a few implications of the aging problem on the financial markets and in particular on the pension funds management
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Presented at the SVV Bern, Fall 2001. In German, Unsere Zukunft sichern: Demographie und Vorsorge in der Schweiz

Which Strategies For Central Banks?
This speech concerns a few implementation strategies for central banks, in Europe and in Switzerland, using the debate rules-versus-discretion and the game-theoretic literature about credibility in monetary economics
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Presented at the Rotary Club Neuchâtel, Fall 1998. In French, Quelles stratégies pour les banques centrales?